About MacUser

MacUser is known for its long-form analysis pieces, in-depth reports and splashy spreads. At the same time, we aim to cover the most essential, most innovative and most remarkable new products, and we provide the pithiest real-world advice on hardware, software, techniques and industry practice from experienced creative pros.

Now published monthly, we can better pack all of that into each issue and still have more room to show off the elegant and striking layouts and graphics that MacUser has been known for since the 1980s.

Inside MacUser every month

  • Tutorials

    From top tips and shortcuts to in-depth design workshops, MacUser helps you get the most from your Mac.
  • First-hand knowledge

    MacUser's Labs tests put products through their paces; we pick out the winners so that you don't make costly purchasing mistakes.
  • Expert Advice

    MacUser contains 6 new columns including design for print, how to get the most from iWorks, Mac-based video production and professional audio production.
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